Coupon Codes – Merchant Beware!

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about Red Oxx and their order form having a spot to enter a coupon code. It was annoying to get almost to the point of buying someone’s product only to be taunted with the idea that there could be a coupon code out there that would bring the price down.

I finally ended up asking Jim Markel at Red Oxx, and he explained that they had finally gotten their site modified to remove the coupon code spot. Evidently the software they use to run their site includes a coupon code function by default, and they had never used it or created coupon codes. After all, Red Oxx is “not a brand for coupon clippers!”

I wonder how many other sites have done the same thing – implemented the software, and never bothered to even think about the coupon code function. Do they know that it might be costing them business?

If you run an online store, check out your site – do you have potential customers hanging on the fringes, waiting for a coupon code that will never come?

Anyway, Jim says that the now remaining “code” spot is simply for tracking direct mail pieces, not for coupons or discounts. Being in the printing business, I’m interested to see what their direct mail pieces look like.

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