New Printing Industry Blog: In The Balance Blog

Boy have I been slow on the uptake! Ok, maybe not that slow, since I found this blog only by looking through my referrer logs, but Xerox has started a new blog titled In The Balance Blog. The graphics industry is getting downright hip to Web 2.0! By the way, Xerox, many thanks for the link love.

This is significant because they are the first equipment supplier I know of in the graphics industry to start a company-sponsored blog. I consider myself to be the first (and someone can correct me on this if they please) equipment supplier employee to blog at all, let alone on the industry, but otherwise it’s been experts like Adam Dewitz (Printmode) or Dr. Joe.

It took a company the size of Xerox to start. I thought it would be a much smaller company…still, I’m glad to see them doing it. Even if they are using Movable <cough>hackjobsoftware<cough> Type instead of WordPress.

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