How to tell you’re not getting it…

Ok, you are an online publisher, purporting to be “Competitive Intelligence for Printing Executives”. You charge an exhorbitant subscription for your reporting, yet your site is a poster-child for online advertising.

But someone else, who actually wants to read your stuff, has to be the one to hack an RSS feed out of your site, because you don’t get it.

6 thoughts on “How to tell you’re not getting it…

  1. I am getting the impression that the opinion presented is that stealing content is justified, if it is something one wants.
    And that it is the fault of the provider because they don’t make it easily available and offer it for free so they deserve to be hacked.

    I don’t agree.


  2. 1. One cannot steal what is not available to be taken.

    2. If an entity exists to disseminate information, why not impement all methods to do so?

    3. There are plenty of ways of monetizing RSS feeds.

    4. As wiser folks as well as I have stated before, the printing industry should be leading in areas like this, and so should those puporting to be the main source of news. Instead they’re waiting for the competition to eat their breakfast. WTT is an analogy of the printing industry.


  3. Erik, what is being stolen? Have you looked at the feed? Do you understand what it is doing?

    If you had looked at the feed I created using FeedYes, you will notice that no content from WhatTheyThink is being stolen — the feed actually provides a mechinism to visit their site more efficiently.


  4. Adam, maybe I have not understood what was stated. I thought there was an attempt to get access to the Premium Content of WTT, which one normally has to pay for. On your site you refer to a feed that tracks their most recent Premium Content. That sounded like trying to get that content without paying. If my impression was incorrect, I am sorry.

    I didn’t want to try any feed in case it was an attempt to get premium content.

    If you are just talking about a more efficient way to get what is already freely available, then yes, they should make that easier to get. Or if you are talking about getting the Premium Content that one has paid for, more efficiently then that is good too.

    I probably “don’t get it”. Too old and too stupid. I have much more of a problem finding quality comments than worrying about the efficiency of getting irrelevant ones.

    For me the search for quality is the problem.


  5. Took a quick look at some of the referenced RSS material. I will look into it and keep my mouth shut about what I don’t know. It will probably save lots of time. Then I have to figure out what to do with it.


  6. If you want free content, simply sign up for the 15 day trial with a fake email address which they don’t even verify.


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