Attack of the printing blogs

I have lamented several times here that the printing industry seems rather anti-Internet. Part of what leads me to that opinion is the number of print industry blogs out there. For an industry this big, there just aren’t many. I think I’m the only person employed by a printing company who’s blogging at all about the business.
If not, I’m sure all of us would like to hear from you.

There were four of us, really about 2 and half because neither Joel Friedman nor I have posted a bunch lately, leaving Dr. Joe and Adam Dewitz to do the heavy lifting.

Now there is a new guyDimitri Ploumidis, with PrintColor. He’s at RIT with Adam, and it will be on color management, ICC profiling, soft and hard copy proofing, etc.

Welcome to the party Dimitri!

One thought on “Attack of the printing blogs

  1. About time!! Great to see that the industry is now aware of the Internet. We are thinking of launching a blog on printing and print technology, e-commerce, and the fact that behind the great presses many companies purchase there is always a really bad website — giving mixed messages. Printers need websites! Just wanted to say great work to you all and I hope we get more on board!


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