General Mills – are you listening?

I haven’t been a parent for long, but it doesn’t take long before product ideas are flying around like dirty diapers. Ok, maybe not actually flying but plentiful.

General Mills: Please make small packets of Cheerios that could be easily carried in a purse or bag for “just in case”. Better yet, toss in a Table Topper, a few wet naps, and a disposable bib. All in a bag large enough to hold it all as garbage. Then sell it not to parents but restaurant owners. Make sure it can be printed with the restaurant’s name, and handed out to parents who arrive with hungry youngin’s who are ready for a snack long before the appetizers show up.

Sure, parents bring their own stuff. But any place that hands us a small pack of stuff to help make it easier to bring a child out to dinner is going to win our repeat business. Well, the food’s gotta be good too of course.

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