NEO Pro – so close, yet so far

If a large part of your life is email, and you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of email you have to process, you should consider NEO Pro. NEO – Nelson Email Organizer – is a great program for organizing email. The best part is that it doesn’t make copies, it works with Outlook’s files and just creates a catalog so your email is never in danger.

There’s only one problem. The designers, so captivated by the corporate Microsoft Exchange-using crowd, have completely left IMAP users out of the picture – the system won’t work with IMAP.

So, if you, like me, use Fastmail’s wonderful service and rely on IMAP to provide both web and non-web access to your data, NEO’s no use to you.

What’s even sillier is that on their website, there is a knowledgebase article where they claim to be planning to offer IMAP support in a future release. The article is dated in June 2002.

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