Looking for a good book?

Way back in early February I was visiting my father. I was ranting and raving about blogs — Lornitropia was still pretty young back then — and was trying like crazy to talk him in to writing one. I didn’t know what he’d do with it, but a guy educated in journalism and marketing, with a lifetime of experience in the same areas, was bound to find something useful to do with it.

My father’s always been a bit of an odd one – he was in to computers as soon as VisiCalc was available. After a career of developing products like Edge shaving cream and Mr. Coffee’s Iced Tea Maker he’s taking retirement with exceptional grace, and at 75 is desktop publishing, printing and binding books of poetry.
So, after a few glasses of wine and a bit of persuasian, he thought a blog of political poetry was a good idea and www.Politry.com was born. With fewer exceptions than you can count on one hand, my father has written a post a day commenting on the news during the past year. He’s somewhere between Hillary and Mr. Gore. Being pretty much a moderate myself, married to a very catholic woman, I was a bit chagrined, but that’s life 😉
Here we are at the end of his first year, and for kicks he’s decided to offer the entire year’s poetry in a volume titled 2005 – A bad year made verse.

It’ll warm the cockles of any liberal heart, or will make a great gag gift for the staunch republican in your life. You can order a copy simply by sending an email to book (at) politry.com, and including your shipping address. The cost is $9.50, postage included.

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