Red Oxx Travel Basket and Tote Bag

A short while ago I wrote a post about Red Oxx, their Air Boss bag, and coupon codes. I had nearly ordered an Air Boss along with a few other items when I realized there was a spot to enter a coupon code, along with a note admonishing me to take advantage of any special offers I had received. Clearly, I’d better wait for a special offer!

So, I decided to order a few of their less-expensive items first. I decided to get a travel basket and their tote bag, both in red.

Cartpics 01 mod

You can see the basket above. I’ve seen similar items in catalogs before, and always kinda wanted one but couldn’t really get over the idea it was kind of a frivolous item. Then my wife and I stayed with some relatives, in a well-used home-office that was a pretty good black hole for absorbing items – so far two packages of stuff we’d forgotten have been sent to us. Having a place to put keys, wallet, etc. when you travel suddenly made one hell of a lot of sense. I’m far more muddle-headed than usual when traveling, and I misplace stuff plenty often at home. A portable “right place” to put stuff makes sense.

It’s big enough without being too big, and the foam padding in the bottom is a nice addition, which makes the thing useful even as a makeshift pillow (to soften an airplane or car window, for example).

The tote bag is, well, a tote bag. We’ve gotten several giveaway bags but they’re usually not very robust. They’re also not very deep relative to their footprint, so when you put them down things tend to tumble out of them. Of course, a deeper bag can invite the same thing if you overload it but depth is nice for things like 2–liter and wine bottles. This tote bag seems deeper, and the handle-straps go all the way around. The thing I noticed about the straps was their softness and suppleness. This makes them more comfortable than the stiffer stuff you often find. I noticed the same thing on the Tumi bags I own.

Both items use waterproof coatings on their fabrics, so presumably you could use either as a vessel for holding or carrying water, if you had such a need.

So, Red Oxx’s reputation seems to be upheld by these items. I’m still lusting after an Air Boss, but haven’t yet found a coupon code.

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