BusinessBlogWire: Reasons not to have a blog

BusinessBlogWire offers a few reasons why businesses would not want a public blog, and asks for a few more. Here you go:

  1. Businesses are often filled with people who are busy as heck trying to get the things they were asked to do done, and don’t have a lot of time to blaze new trails or experiment.
  2. Blogging is best left to businesses that really have their, uh, stuff, together. If you have second rate products, service, or anything else creating a blog is likely to draw unwanted attention. People ask me, “What do you do about negative comments?” First, let them post (ok, edit to remove anything profane, personal, or really offensive) and respond to them very quickly. Second, make sure you’re not giving any decent, reasonable customers reasons to make negative posts in the first place.
  3. More than a few people have been fired for blogging (really, writing stupid stuff about their companies, but still), and nobody has yet been fired for not blogging.

One thought on “BusinessBlogWire: Reasons not to have a blog

  1. Steve, thanks for adding to my little list. I ought to revisit the subject soon at my blog. I especially like your reason number one above – businesses are, well, busy! And to many company heads, blogging probably sounds like just one more thing that would offend the status quo without bringing in enough money to cover its expenses. But I think if a company plans its blogging efforts right, they can almost always be successful.


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