Please enter your coupon code

A while back I was reading the One Bag website. It deals with traveling with only a single carry-on bag. Iâ??m a bit of a luggage nut, obsessed with figuring out just the right bag to use when traveling, and what to pack in it. One Bag is very interesting, and Iâ??ve found that when I follow the advice and carry a single bag Iâ??m usually a lot happier.

Anyway, at that site I read about the Red Oxx Air Boss, which is one of the recommended carry-on bags. The bag looks like a winner, and Iâ??ve fought off the urge to buy one many times over the last few months. Their stuff is reputed to be excellent quality, and itâ??s made entirely in this country. When you add those two things together, you end up with fairly expensive items. I donâ??t mind paying for quality though, especially for something Iâ??ll be expecting to own and depend on for a long time. Finally their site beckoned again, and I came very close to ordering an Air Boss and a few other items. When I write â??very closeâ??, I mean I got as far as the page that encouraged me to enter a coupon code, to take advantage of any special offers I might have received.

I hate that. I hate feeling like Iâ??m a schmuck when I buy someoneâ??s product. I donâ??t like the idea that just as Iâ??m about to say â??Yes, take my money and send me your productâ??, Iâ??m faced with an empty coupon-code spot, which is telling me â??Hey, you could be paying less â?? other people are.â??

Of course, it could be that they only send codes to folks who are good customers, whoâ??ve received less than the usual good service or product, or for some other reason deserve special treatment.

So, I opted for a compromise. I ordered a few of their least expensive items. I also signed up for their newsletter. Maybe past customers are the recipients of coupon codes.

Iâ??d like to state that Red Oxx is by no means the only site where I see this â?? I see it everywhere. This is also not a slam on Red Oxx â?? so far their service has been excellent and they have already shipped the order I placed today.

Last, Iâ??d like to suggest a solution to this problem. After all, any business wants to have a way of rewarding or inducing some customers. How do you do it without making the others feel left out or cheated? Do it via email. Instead of sending a coupon code, send a coded link that will take the recipient to a special order page not reachable by others. This way the recipients get their special deal, and no one else is the wiser.


I finally contaced Red Oxx, and here’s what I learned.

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