Renegade IT part 2

In my last post I wrote about renegade IT efforts. Increasingly one can buy a lot of online business infrastructure that can be used to completely bypass traditional IT departments. Is this a good thing? Should one use them to get the job done? What are the boundaries that make this reasonable? I also posted it to the LinkedBloggers group over on Yahoo Groups.

Then it hit me. This is nearly the exact same thing that happened when PC’s came out so many years ago. Those who were sick and tired of going to the Data Processing people could now buy a cheap computer, some software, and have the ability to do the processing themselves.

The DP people reacted in different ways. Some attacked the new computers. Some embraced them. Some ignored them. You can guess who’s survived.

With modern network infrastructures, combined with modern IT management, you have largely the same situation. In many companies users are not given access to their own machines. They are forbidden to add new software of their own, and in many cases cannot even change the settings on the software they do use. But if they have an internet connection, they can access a growing array of online software.

Will we see a repeat of the PC revolution?

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