Palm TX – keyboard driver causes Bluetooth problem

Are you a Palm TX owner whoâ??s getting frustrated getting the Palm TX to connect or talk to Bluetooth devices? If yes, I might have an answer for ya.

I got a TX a while ago, and I really like the unit. However, itâ??s bit less stable than my old T3. Part of the problem is that some older software evidently isnâ??t compatible with the new unit. The main symptom is spontaneous resets, but another I discovered was an inability to set up a new phone to connect via Bluetooth. I noticed that when I click the â??Bâ?? icon in the status bar the window that came up showed a flickering â??Connectâ?? button down under Network Service. By doing a hard reset, and then trying to set up a new device and noticing both that the setup was trouble free and there was no flickering Connect button, I determined that some piece of software was causing the problem.

Of course, going through everything by trial and error is no fun, but there was little choice. I guessed, was wrong, and guessed again, deleting apps one by one.

Then it occurred to me that the keyboard driver might be the culprit. I went in, turned it off, and voila! The Connect button just barely flickers, and I was able to setup a Bluetooth device no problem.

2 thoughts on “Palm TX – keyboard driver causes Bluetooth problem

  1. Yeah I’ve heard about many people hacing that sort of problem. Do you know if there are any other keyboards compatible with the TX? I jsut got a TX and now I need to find a good keyboard.


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