New palm blogging client: uBlog

Quite a while ago I wrote about Palm blogging clients. At the time, I wasn’t really happy with any of them. They all had minor problems of one kind or another, or were missing features.

They still are, but there’s a new app out there that’s showing some promise: u*blog. It’s a Japanese import and the docs aren’t very complete, but the UI is fairly intuitive. There’s a nice programmable tag function, and it will even let you set the category and time stamp of a post before posting.

The downside? It doesn’t seem to work yet, at least on my new TX. I tried to use it to post something recently, and the publish command generated a reset. However, it was a pretty large post, and the software looks very promising. More to follow, if the developer responds to my email.

3 thoughts on “New palm blogging client: uBlog

  1. I tried U&Blog too, with the same result – it resets my TX every time. I’ve tried smaller posts, but the result is consistent. Shame really, because everything else about the program is neat. I see from the web page that the developer is off to college and will not have time to update it, so perhaps we’ll have to look elsewhere.


  2. I have been using uBlog. It works with my Treo and blogger, but I don’t see the options mentioned on the help page for sending photos.

    The text does show up, though.


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