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I thought I was pretty happy with my new iPAQ. It has a fantastic screen and does pretty much everything a full size computer does, at least in simple terms.

But, there are two things i’ve found it does not do well at all:

first, it does not have any quick or easy way to look up a phone number and dial it with one hand. On the the Palm there is a nice one handed dialing method built right in. I can look up a number and dial it at a traffic light. I can connect with one click via bluetooth. Then my bluetooth headset lets me talk with relative safety.

The second thing the iPAQ doesn’t do is connect to work via VPN. I’m having a lot of trouble with this one, and I’ve worked on it more or less since I bought it. I’ve tried two other VPN clients. I’ve tried an astonishing array of settings. It doesn’t matter what I do, when it tries to connect it tells me there is a VPN server error and I need to check my settings.

My old Palm T3 just works. at least when it isn’t crashing, but it is a lot easier to work around crashes than features that aren’t there in the first place. I’m reading that the new TX is pretty stable – the most stable Palm out in some time, although I don’t suppose that’s saying much.

It has a very light plastic case, in black, which is really pretty nice looking. It also has the new Profit connector – whenever a company puts a term like “universal” in front of “connector” you know it’s going to be changed soon – so my old accessories won’t work.

It also doesn’t do Skype. Now, my experience with Skype suggests it is somewhere between a string-and-can system and a bad cell phone in of quality, but that’s probably just my experience. I should mention that I haven’t used it much. So many people rave about it that it is pretty hard to ignore. A free phone system would be a very nice addition on foreign trips where local phone charges are not always easily understood.

Still, the TX is a very nice unit, and more or less exactly what I wanted last time. It has built-in wi-fi and improved battery life. So the HP is going on tne auction block, and I’m going back to Palm. More to follow.

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