Domain name shopping – a quick cure for the blues

I’m working on a new web project – you’ll hopefully be reading about it here soon – that required a new domain name. While I was at it I got, and even thought of a few others.

I’ve often heard that it’s very hard to work out and be depressed at the same time, and I think the same is true for woodworking, and shopping for domain names. There’s just something about buying a new URL that’s filled with hope and potential, along with the casino-gambling style rush you get when you type the name into the little box, and hit “Go” and wait to see if you can have it.

I think I’d better say goodbye to soon or this will start to get expensive!

One thought on “Domain name shopping – a quick cure for the blues

  1. If you want to keep the domain name buying habit from becoming too expensive, check out – a domainer forum with over 22,000 very active members, free domain name appraisals, domain name marketplaces, and domain hints, tips and tricks galore!

    A warm and welcoming community, NamePros has a unique online currency for micropayments called, Name Points, NP$, Namebucks, etc. NP$ are earned simply by posting, though they can be purchased as well (and MANY are).

    Come to think of it – don’t join NamePros to save money on domain names. I used to buy a name or three a year. Since joining NamePros ten months ago I’ve bought about 165 names.

    The thing is, I’ve sold five of those names for enough to pay for the rest.

    By the way, if you join, please mention – WebForging – as a referral…or better yet, vote for me as MOTM – Member of the Month, an honor I’ve been nominated for twice now (and that I covet winning).


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