Graphics Industry Progress

A while back I wrote about how the graphics industry needed to lead the way in the web 2.0 revolution, and the â??new webâ??. Frankly, I didn’t expect many folks in my industry to read it, or even to find it in the first place. If print is a Hatfield, the Internet is a McCoy, and I might as well have posted it on the backside of a billboard. Oh me of little faith 😉

Change is in the air

Itâ??s slowly changing, however. Dr. Joe Webb wrote on the subject recently, and Joel Friedman is also starting a news site on print. Both of them have RSS feeds.

Still there is much to do. We are in a communications industry, graphics communications, and we need to demonstrate leadership in communication. The older folks will be rolling their eyes about now, but what they really need to understand is that the print industry is being repopulated by those who get it. Increasingly, the people we all market to will not see the Internet as a mortal enemy, but as a useful tool for conducting business.

Social networking online is going to be ubiquitous

Social networking online is going to be ubiquitous in a few years. I expect that the days of looking up contacts just by name or company name are numbered. So-called virtual relationships will become more and more common as people discover the benefits of online networking. At Print â??05 I made contact with several people I knew from online but had never met in person. We can all expect more of that. Tools like OpenBC and Linkedin will become as common as Outlook.

Thatâ??s why Iâ??ve begun a campaign to encourage our colleagues in the graphics industry to join Linkedin. Linkedin is the strongest business-oriented networking site. Linkedinâ??s membership used to be slanted entirely toward the Bay area but it is becoming more diverse. It has also grown to be large enough that it’s genuinely useful for everyone.

Now is the time to join in

Now is the time for us to demonstrate our technological leadership. Folks generally join Linkedin through an invitation. If you are in the graphics industry, send an email letting me know who you are to and I’ll send you an invitation.

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