Webloggers.org – a new forum

Today was pretty interesting from a networking perspective. From time to time I do some searching on Linkedin, and look for people who have their email addresses in their profiles. On Linkedin this is generally considered an open invitation for others to send a request to connect.

Anyway, I sent an invitation to Keith Klein here in the Milwaukee area. Later, I got a message back from Keith. “I’m a linear German”, he says, “I need more to go on before I’ll accept.” That’s no problem – quite respectable really.

I sent a reply, and a little while later I get a phone call from Keith. We talked for about an hour. It turns out we work about half a mile away from each other. It also turns out that Keith has got quite a web empire he’s building, including The Bubbler and Webloggers.org. The Bubbler is a Wisconsin-focused portal site, with classifieds, messages and whatnot.

Webloggers is a forum devoted to blogging, wikis, other tools and online marketing. He’s just getting started with it, so there aren’t that many posts yet. I’ve never been involved with a new forum as it was being created. This is the time when the tone and culture of the thing will be determined, and it’s nice to be in on the ground floor. Will you join us and help shape this site for the future? Have a look, leave a post or two and join the party!

3 thoughts on “Webloggers.org – a new forum

  1. The hour on the phone was very well spent, indeed. Great to find the like-minded so close by, both in internet and geographic space.

    Thanks for the blog introducing http://www.WebLoggers.Org.

    I look forward to many more conversations, including some over some real beers as well as those over virtual beers.



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