Happy First Birthday Lornitropia!

It has been 1 year since my first post on Lornitropia. When I wrote that first post, I really had no idea if I would still be blogging a year later, but here I am. Things have changed a little here and there. I’ve changed layouts and templates, I’ve migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I’ve added, removed, re-added and re-arranged Adsense ads. I’ve routed feeds through Feedburner.com, and I’ve tried many blogging clients on Windows, Linux, Palm and Windows Mobile.

This stuff is a lot of fun!

I’ve shifted focus slightly to include more content on my profession, my industry and other business-related stuff. Having a child put a crimp in my gadget-buying, so there’s less to write about there 😉 I haven’t ended up adding as many categories as I had thought I would. Even though woodworking seems to be the most popular topic the posts are more work, at least if there’s photography involved, and thus don’t happen as often.

Posting frequency has gone up and down, with it being mostly down in the last few months. All I can say is that having a child is a wonderful thing, but it’s not so good for blogging – at least not for me. I’ve even thought of switching to podcasting, simply because I can talk while I drive to work in the morning, while my car-typing is not so good.

So what would I tell someone who’s thinking about blogging?

Just do it. I spent way too much time worrying about whether I should, worrying about whether I wanted other people to read it or not, and just worrying in general. I went from being someone scared to death of being Googleable to someone who’s scared to death of losing the #1 spot for Steve Duncan. It’s a lot more fun being the second person than the first, and I believe that comes from the liberation that blogging creates. Stop worrying, and just do it. If you’re that scared of making a mistake, take comfort in the fact that it take a long time to become very noticeable – more than enough time to work out the kinks.

Blogging is also an excellent tool for making you think about yourself. It makes you think about who you are, who you want to be, and the differences between the two. It makes you think about where you’ve been, what you’ve been doing, and why. Last but not least, it gives you a body of work that is your own, is visible, and really satisfying to look back on.

So, if you’re thinking about blogging, just do it.

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