Besticker your laptop, part 2

A while back I wrote a post encouraging one and all to use the empty space on the back of their laptop screens to advertise the technology they like to use. Whether it’s WordPress, Technorati, Firefox, or whatever, ask them for a sticker and put it on there. We use our computers in all kinds of places, and the stickers draw attention, questions, conversation and ultimately greater awareness for personal publishing.

We do want that, don’t we?

Well, when I wrote the post, I got very little in the way of comments – one, as I check back. It was promptly forgotten as other things got my attention (ooh! Shiny!) and I generally moved on.

A few days ago I got an email from Rick Klau, kingpin and influential blogger (he got me to go to Gnomedex, you might recall), referencing that old post, and saying that had finally gotten some stickers made, and asking where should he send them. I replied with my address, and am anxiously awaiting a few stickers, for someone to notice them, and the chance to explain what Feedburner does, why it’s necessary, and how @$#&^%* cool all this stuff is.

Now, for those of you who are still resisting, consider this: Putting on a sticker is hereby declared a bloggable event. But removing a sticker is even more bloggable. Think of the possibilities! By the way, those guys at Technorati used some really tenacious glue…;-)

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