Clever is as clever works.

Rich, over at Hello_World talks about a cellular company putting an ad for some services on the front of a hotel key card. He thinks it’s very clever, but…

Does anyone even look at hotel key cards? I’m not sure I could even tell you the color of the last one I had in my hands.

Still, you have to cover the card with something…

Better yet, how about making it so that it’s also a bus pass, or good for other traveler-oriented services around town?

One thought on “Clever is as clever works.

  1. Hey, very valid, you don’t traditionally look at the key cards, which I guess is what made this one so striking.

    I agree that tying it in with other services would rock, which is in essence what MTN was trying to do, obviously with their products though.

    Still there are better opportunities…!


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