A choice of justice – beaten spammer

Fellow Gnomedexer Jeremy Hubert had this on his blog:

Russian Spammer Beaten to Death

MOSCOW — The director of an English language center and one of the country’s most notorious spammers was found beaten to death in his apartment in central Moscow, police said Monday.

Along with a request:

Happy? Sad? Neither? Poetic Justice? What do you think?

Here you go Jeremy:

Ya know, a serial killer affects a small number of people in a huge way. A rapist a smaller number in a way that is less serious (although some victims might diagree with that). A thief, usually a smaller number of people yet, and much, perhaps most, of the pain is ultimately felt by insurance companies.

Spammers affect huge numbers of people in a fairly minor but consistantly annoying way. They render the most impressive and capable communications systems we have almost ineffective. They’re cowards, and economic bottom feeders. By sheer volume and presence, they have a large effect on a large number of people. There is no compensation, no restitution – we have lost nothing tangible, only time and trust.

I don’t advocate the ritual beating of these guys (wait – I just got a great new reality TV show idea), but if I found a cop investigating this beating, I’d turn his head toward the latest murder, most recent rape, or the nearest missing car stereo.

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