Why Business People Need to Read Blogs

And, why it’s importance grows as you climb the ladder. Here are three good reasons.

  1. The comfort that comes with recognizing that others aren’t perfect either. Many times the business press makes one feel wholly inadequate, reading about really impressive people doing really impressive things. When you read blogs, however, it’s much easier to see the real humanity of the author and to identify with them. It makes good advice much easier to take, and bad advice much easier to turn down.
  2. Differing points of view. The nature of the blogosphere is that memes fly around continuously, but for every meme there are numerous meme-busters, who disagree and flay the original poster. I find this a great reminder to look at things from all sides.
  3. New ideas, that are actually practical. Since the choice of blogs to read revolves around writing style as much as subject, it’s easy to end up reading stuff written by folks in different areas. This exposure to new ideas can be a wonderful source of inspiration for one’s own work.

Can anyone think of a few more?

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