The perils of vacation

One of the perils of vacation is it kinda sucks the urge to write blog posts right out of me.  After Gnomedex I was home for a while, then it was off to Indiana for a camping trip with the in-laws.

I haven’t been camping for a long while, and it was nice to go after such a long time. I brought my iPAQ, and could have posted the entire time I was there, but the COBWAR (Cooler Of Beer Within Arm’s Reach) pretty much put a strangle hold on any productive activity.  Even so, there were a few blog-worthy observations to be made:

First, when we arrived on the 3rd, it was amazingly packed. We were at McCormick’s Creek State Park, which is about 1.5 miles square. Every campsite had an RV or tent on it, everyone had a fire going, and everyone had kids who were being kids. That is to say it was like being inside a giant Chuck E. Cheese establishment, only with one that encouraged its patrons to smoke. Then, at about 10:30pm, all of a sudden there was a 15 decibel drop in the noise level – we must have hit quiet hours. Then at midnight, the noise dropped completely. The next morning there was a flurry of activity as everyone left. The evening of the 4th, it was a ghost town – we were practically the only folks there. Clear air, peace and quiet, a COBWAR, and all is well on the camping front.

Second, the world’s main population of Daddy Long Legs bugs was there, in all of their glory. I have never seen such a gathering of these creatures in my life. My brother in law said they counted 34 of the little fellers on their tent. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these creepy-crawlies, here’s a picture of one of the more colorful versions:


They don’t bite, and are easy to catch and relocate, but still they’re icky. On top of one of the tents there was a very large Wolf Spider – I didn’t get a picture, but I wish I had. It looked big enough to carry off small rodents. My other brother in law said they could see it hunting.

When I first noticed how many different types of DLL’s there were, I  thought briefly about sketching them and making detailed notes, like Stephen in Master and Commander, but lethargy struck and I am note-less. Lots of time spent, and not much to show for it. That’s the mark of a good vacation.

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