Gnomedexers (and others): Besticker your laptop!

It occurred to me yesterday, but not completely: We have a lot of advertising space at our disposal in the form of unadorned laptop screens/lids. Hmmm…is it a screen or a lid? The screen is on the inside, right?

Anyway, I noticed that a few folks had stickers on their computers, and it struck me as a wonderful idea to fill up a little unused space. Since we use our laptops in public places, stickers will serve as conversation starters and are bound to draw a few questions that will give us all a chance to promote the blog/podcast/vlog/RSS/etc cause.

So, I’m putting out the call for all of you who have ugly non-stickered laptops to ask your favorite suppliers for a sticker to put on your laptop. No one expects anyone to advertise for a product they don’t believe in, but it’s in all of our interests to promote the cause at large.

Currently, I have only Firefox and Technorati. I am seeking the following:

WordPressMatt M. says they’re waiting on a new logo.

FeedburnerRick Klau says “coming soon”

GnomedexMr. Pirillo?

RSSMr. Winer? Microsoft (thinking deep pockets here…) – ok, not exactly blog or RSS related, but still a cool service.

2 thoughts on “Gnomedexers (and others): Besticker your laptop!

  1. Nancy, that’s a fine idea, and I have put my RSS pin on my bag. I tried putting it on the laptop, but the plastic is just too hard to push the pin through 😉


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