Gnomedex – Dean Hachamovitch, Longhorn browsing and RSS Technologies

First, he shows us some photos of the Microsoft campus, which looks very much like the death star 😉 He says it’s an artist’s rendition of the campus, based on descriptions from our blogs.

MSN Spaces has 14+ million users.

There are 1500 Employee blogs

RSS is going to be warmly embraced by Longhorn.

Now their showing us IE7…cool! It has an RSS button that lights up when feeds are encountered. Hitting the button allows you to preview the feed(s). This is really awesome because finding feeds and how to get them into an aggregator is one of the hardest things to explain to people. Now it is basically automatic, aside from making the choice to subscribe.

We’ll be able to subscribe to searches, using RSS.

There will be a common feed list, so the list of feeds the user has subscribed to will be in the OS, and available to all applications via API’s. 

Enclosures can be almost anything – right now they’re typically podcasts/mp3 files, but in the future they could be calendars, photos, documents, etc. The RSS stuff in Longhorn supports these different types and encapsulates a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff developers would normally have to work out.

It also has list management – it’s able to deal with lists of feeds. Their new simple list extension specifications are available under the creative commons license. The specification will be available today at noon today here.

With RSS, easy subscription to feeds, and feed management built into the OS, I think we can expect the rate of adoption of RSS, and of course blogs, to accelerate dramatically. Microsoft, please release Longhorn soon. Longhorn beta 1 will be out this summer.

This means that companies wishing to get on the blogtrain before it leaves the station need to get moving. When all Windows users are starting to “get” RSS is not the time to be introducing and developing the content you’ll be trying to get to them via that technology.

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