Gnomedex Day One

Ok, I’ve got to drop the travel log approach because it’s just taking too long to write, and there’s cool stuff happening here at Gnomedex. There is a live stream on the conference, as well as a wiki.

  • Dave Winer, the keynote, is nearing the end of his presentation. Here’s some things that caught my ear:
  • The Internet is the platform without the platform vendor.
  • The Internet giants are discovering that even they are susceptible to competition. In order to maintain an open mind, you have to be thinking about how others can get you, no matter how unlikely it may seem.
  • Dave demos The OPML Editor – someone suggested calling it TOE. Hey, when it crashes, we can call that TOE Jam.
  •  60% of the population don’t know what a blog is.
  •  The scholars of Harvard don’t care about blogging. I’m rather sorry to hear that, especially since Harvard Business Review is highly regarded in my company.

More to follow…

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