rocks – getting groceries delivered

We just received our first delivery of groceries from, and my formerly skeptical wife was heard to say “…ok, that kinda rocked.” She’s prone to understatement. Peapod is an online grocery store operating in Chicagoland, Milwaukee, and SE Wisconsin. They also operate in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

I got a coupon in the mail, I think as a result of signing up at all the diaper sites when Ginny was born. I got curious, wanted the $20 off, and placed an order. It was pretty easy – you go to their site and use the various methods they have of finding and selecting groceries. You pick a delivery day and time, and whether it’s attended or unattended. Even after you place your order, you can add stuff or change the delivery details up until about 12 hours before delivery.

They had all the stuff we normally buy, even meat and produce. They have Portillo’s beef, Lou Malnatti’s pizza, and other Chicago delicacies. They even have beer & wine, although they couldn’t do that for me because they’re in Chicago, and I’m in Milwaukee and they haven’t ironed out the interstate licensing issues yet. The driver said in about a month that should be worked out.

The groceries arrived in fine condition, and were brought to our kitchen table by a friendly guy (should we tip the Peapod  guy? The site says it’s optional) The frozen stuff was suitably still frozen, the cold stuff cold. We didn’t go nuts when ordering, we just got stuff off the top of our heads. Because they store the items you pick even after you log off the site, we can just log on and add things as we think of them during the week, and finalize the order on Saturday night for Sunday delivery.

So what about the pricing? I’m sure all this convenience isn’t free. We haven’t done a direct comparison yet, but I’m guessing we’re paying 10 to 20% more, depending on the item. Delivery is less than $10, and is less when you buy more. Over $100 it’s $5.95. They have online specials, and they take regular coupons – you just give them to the driver, and they’re deducted before your card is charged.

So far we think  this is pretty awesome. If you’re in their delivery area and are thinking of trying it, send me an email and I’ll refer you. They have a referral program, and that way we’ll both get some money off our groceries.

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