My kingdom for a reliable PDA

Why is it so hard to make a PDA that is reliable?

I still like my new PPC, and I still love the screen. I finally dumped WebIS Mail because it just could not run reliably. Whenever it was running I got weird hangs, and other strange behavior as well as corrupted mail files. I think I’ve got a few other apps that are problem children.

I suspect this is the same problem I had on the Palm – a few bad apps spoil the whole barrel. When those apps are apps you need, then you have a real problem. I’m using the stock messaging app now, and it’s working ok. I’ve gone to Fastmail and have everything routed through there into a single IMAP account, which solves the moving-mail-between-accounts problem. By the way, Fastmail is pretty awesome and lives up to its name. It has the first web mail interface I actually use, and it even does things like reminding me to store new To: addresses in my address book.

Still, the question remains. Why is it so hard to make these things reliable? Linux, which is free software is reliable. Even Windows is now pretty reliable. Palm used to be reliable. These handheld devices are smaller and simpler than a PC, so you’d think it would be easier to get them ironed out.

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