LinkedIn Group for Gnomedex?

Back in January, I got invited to LinkedIn. I didn’t do much with it at the time, and didn’t have more than a few connections. Lately, I decided to remedy that. Now I have a few more. I’ve actually gotten some good use out of the system, and I think it can hold real value if seen for what it is.

For those of you who haven’t hit the link and don’t know, it’s an online networking service. You enter yourself to create an account – basically putting up a resume-like profile online. Once that is done you invite others to do the same and connect to you. You connect to past colleagues, you endorse each other’s work, and so builds a network of connections and references. Looking for someone that works for XYZ corp? No problem – just search for them, and the system will tell you how your connected and through whom, and provide a way to make the request.

Anyway, I’ve been using the service to find people for various purposes and I started noticing these logos showing up on some profiles. A read of their help pages revealed that these are there to show group affiliation. Group affiliation. Going to Gnomedex. Hmmm…

With Chris’s OK I’ve applied for a Gnomedex 2005 group, but after doing so I noticed in their docs that they do groups only every 2 weeks(!). Since the ‘dex is next week, time is short. I’ve sent LinkedIn a request for speedy service, and I hope they will respond.

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