When Change Is Bad

Jeff Kirvin has a recent post on how he’s not going to buy a Lifedrive because Palm is making it too difficult for the software companies to keep up with their changes. Evidently, Palm is fond of changing their various API’s and whatnot, so that supporting all of the various models is very complicated. Fitaly, and probably others, are getting fed up.

This is pretty ironic, considering that not so long ago, when Pocket PC’s with different processors were common, the Palmites considered having to understand which processor one had in order to determine which software to download a severe weakness. It would now seem that Palm has a similar weakness – they’re doing it with their own software. Take a look at the various versions of Versamail. There’s practically a different version for every model.


I suppose it makes sense that if you’re innovative with the hardware you’re bound to break the software pretty often, but most Palm models aren’t that different from each other.



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