Fighting The Livedrive Urge Just Got Easier

I had a chance to see the Lifedrive today at a local CompUSA, and while it wasn’t a real unit (I hate it when they do that!) it was presumably real-life size.

It’s huge. Not so much in the length or width area, but in thickness – it’s just way to thick. It’ s gotta be twice as thick as my T3, and while they rounded some edges in the back to make it more comfortable to hold, it’s still darned thick.

The edges of the screen are concave, which makes the unit a bit uncomfortable to hold. This is really nit-picking, but I noticed it.

I no longer want one so much. Yes, the memory and Wi-Fi would be great to have, but I look at the size and feel it’s just too thick, and it’s not going to be at home in my shirt pocket.

Then I looked around a few other models. I saw the Tapwave Zodiac – it’s pretty cool, but the demo unit wasn’t working and was locked into some kind of holder so I couldn’t really check the unit out. Then I saw the iPAQ 4700 sitting there, with it’s VGA display. That is one really gorgeous unit. I’ve often been tempted to go to the PPC side, and this unit could get me to do it. Well, the cool screen and the bugginess of my T3. I played with it for a while, and I’ve got to say it was pretty impressive. It wasn’t as slow as I expected, and the screen is just so awesome. The only problem was that because it was unfamiliar to me, it wasn’t really that easy to “play” effectively.

One thing that really struck me was the handwriting recognition was really quite effective. Not the graffiti stuff, the actual cursive-recognizing system. It was pretty accurate, and it was nice to use. I’m not sure this would get me to stop using Fitaly, but it might.

Last but not least, there’s both CF and SD slots, which given the current cards I have means 1.5gig of storage – more than enough for the moment, as I’m not a large consumer of mp3 files. Even so, that’s more than a few CD’s worth.

Awfully, awfully tempting…

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