Fighting The Lifedrive Urge

I want one. I’ve been reading about it everywhere, even on Todd Sadowsky’s site, where his second post is about it.

It’s kind of a stupid thing to want, because I already have a perfectly good T3 that’s working fine. The Lifedrive’s screen isn’t any bigger, and it’s not any faster (quite the contrary by many reports) and it’s not any lighter or smaller. Why do I want one?

Well, part of it is a desire from my bachelor days when general health and happiness was determined in large part by my ability to stay on the leading edge of the technology curve. This meant buying a new palm on a regular basis. The Lifedrive would be palm number six.

The other part of it is a bit more practical – there are 4 giga-reasons and 1 Wi-reason. I want the networking, and I want the memory. I want the networking because even though I have bluetooth filling the house with the T3 getting to the net via that, it’s not all that fast or reliable. Frequently, the bluetooth Internet link will just refuse to play nice, which means a reboot of my desktop. I have the wi-fi card for the T3, and it’s way better than bluetooth.

The problem is that it takes up the slot that gives me enough memory to really have RSS and email on the palm. Just like never having time and money in adequate supply at the same time, so it is with the T3, a 512mb SD card and a wi-fi card. If you have the memory in, you can’t get to the net. If you’re on the net, you can’t get your email because there’s nowhere for it to go. The Lifedrive has enough to spare for now, and even enough to have a few albums, and some documents to boot. Heck, the thing really doesn’t even need a slot except to transfer pics from my digital camera, which is also SD.

There is another dimension to this: Impending travel. I’m going to Gnomedex, where I am told there will be Wi-Fi. It sure would be cool to have a new wireless palm to be settin’ there mobloging during the conference. Of course, it’s unlikely that I wouldn’t bring my laptop as well…or would I?

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