Crib Update

With all that’s gone on in the past two months, I totally forgot to post anything about the crib I’m building. So I thought I would put up a short update.

I finished the changing table, and it’s in use. The crib, on the other hand, quickly fell by the wayside once Ginny was born. Of course, she’s been growing like a weed and will soon outgrow the bassinet we have her in. Pretty soon she’ll look like a lobster in a butter dish – of course, the cutest lobster in the world.

So I’ve been working on the crib and am now varnishing the 58 pieces that will be glued together to create it. I’m starting to loathe wipe-on varnish, and yearn for a spray system. We have nowhere to use such a system, so it’s back to wiping. It takes about 3 hours to sand everything, clean all the dust off, and varnish.

If everything goes well, she should be sleeping in her new bed by Monday or Tuesday next week. I will have pictures then. The construction is exactly the same as the changing table, so there hasn’t been anything really new to show anyway.

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