Alpha Geeks Aren’t Irrational

The Scobleizer has an interesting post on the Slashdot poster posing as an Apple employee. While I don’t really give a hoot about portable video anything (it’s bound to mess with my driving anyway) I did ping a bit on the alpha geek comments.

Ok, the guy says that Alpha Geeks are irrational. He’s wrong. They aren’t irrational, just incredibly fickle.

When Wi-Fi seemed the best way to get online with a PDA the alpha geek’s cry was that any PDA without Wi-Fi was doomed to failure. 18 seconds later, when cellphone data plans proved to be pretty darn usable, it was either that non-phone PDAs or non-bluetooth PDAs were doomed to failure. Then, 30 days later when the cell phone bill arrived in the mail, and they looked at the free Wi-Fi that is occasionally available, it was “What kind of idiot would design a PDA-phone without Wi-Fi?” It’s this immediate grasp and adoption of alternatives that marks the alpha geek.

Even so, I believe aiming at a very small market filled with people who only want their own constantly shifting definition of “the best” is an excellent way to blow through all the cash you have.

To say that the original Apple computer was aimed at alpha geeks is marginally correct – it was aimed at two of geeks, Woz and Jobs. It just happened to hit a whole lot more of them once it was done.

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