Bad News For Business Blogs?

Ok, I see this post over at, and at the end is a great quote for business blogging:

Good blogs require taking risks. Get over it.

You can just hear the MBA’s saing to themselves, “But can we calculate those risks?” Earlier in the post, with regard to hiring a blogger/writer, Hugh said:

And I’d tell the writer, make sure you can get a job somewhere else easily if Target fires you. Like Robert’s old boss once told him, to paraphrase, “if what you’re doing isn’t almost getting you fired, it’s probably not that interesting.”

Here’s the bad news: How many companies out there are actually going to tolerate a good blogger on the payroll? With all of the worry and scurry of modern business, who’s going to be willing to take the chance that this risky adventure is going to work?

How do you keep the almost-fired-blogger going long enough for the benefit to be seen?

Successful blogging is an act of faith…a substance in short supply these days.

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