Two Dozen Business Uses for Blogs

  1. Making trip reports available online, searchable, cataloged and easily accessible.
  2. Publishing status and progress reports for various purposes.
  3. When used with graphing software, creating a dashboard for department or company metrics.
  4. Announcements of company activities, fundraisers, etc.
  5. Sharing ideas between departments.
  6. A pulpit for the employee council.
  7. A pulpit for leadership.
  8. Brand building.
  9. Building a marketing story/life for products.
  10. Promoting corporate culture and values.
  11. Announcing and tracking employee events like birthdays, marriages and births.
  12. Preserving company history.
  13. Educating your employees.
  14. Educating your customers.
  15. Scaring, confusing, and aggravating the competition.
  16. Dealing with rumors and misunderstandings about products, technology and the industry.
  17. Making a company photo album/scrap book.
  18. Defining strategies, goals, and your Hedgehog Concept.
  19. Appreciating customers.
  20. Appreciating employees.
  21. Showing off your best work.
  22. Showing off your best people.
  23. Making available all those technical explanations you need to point customers to, but don’t have anywhere else online.
  24. Showing off the progress of major initiatives.

Can anyone think of more?

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