Context Agnostic – needs an addition or two

Slacker Manager is one of the blogs on my always-read list, because Bren does such a good job on so many topics, and his recent Context Agnostic post is no exception. Here he explains the toolkit he uses as a manager.

However, I would add a few tools:

  1. A desktop search utility – Copernic Desktop gets my vote because it will go into network drives where Google’s won’t.
  2. An RSS reader. I use Bloglines, but there are lots of PC & web based options out there.
  3. A database program – Access is a pretty obvious choice. A scary amoung of time is wasted, and frustrated created when people create solutions in spreadsheets that really belong in a database.

Now for a few that aren’t so context agnostic:

  1. A voice recorder and voice recognition software. An awesome way to record thoughts and ideas while on the go.
  2. A USB flash drive. Always works, always easy, always there.
  3. A copy of Beyond Bullet Points, and the will to use it.

PS – Bren, OpenOffice is pretty much equal to Excel & Word, and is free.

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