A bump in the road…

I had a feeling it would happen and it has – knee pain has struck. I’ve felt a moderate amount of pain each time I’ve run, but it was always not much and disappeared shortly after. This morning was different, and I came home very nearly limping. Some Ibuprofen made things feel better, but not pain free. It’s amazing how, when we have pain we’ll make elaborate promises to ourself regarding it, but as soon as the pain is gone all is forgotten.

I’ve looked it up, and I’m convinced it’s Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. It’s caused by several things such as shoes, muscle imbalance in the muscles around the knee, and tight leg muscles. I’ve got new stability shoes that feel good otherwise so I’m ruling them out for the time being. That leaves the muscles, which I know are very tight, and the imbalance, which given my previous 12-ounce-curl-based exercise program, is very likely.

This unfortunately means I will have to skip any running for at least two workouts, but fortunately that will actually get me 5 days because of some rest days. Long enough? I don’t know, but I think that’s my plan for now. If I still have pain by next Wednesday, then I’ll have to wait longer. In the mean time, it’s some one-legged squats to strengthen some muscles, ice and Ibprofen.

Will this interfere with my overall plan? I’m not thinking so. I will walk and ride as I can to keep any cardio benefit I’ve gotten so far, and frankly other than my knees I felt strong as a horse this morning. I think if I can get them in line, I can still reach my overall goals of 3 miles in mid-June to begin training for a marathon in October.

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