Running progress #1

I’m not sure the title is exactly honest – as part of my 56 minute workout today, only 9 minutes total was running. Not very impressive to most, I’m sure, but when you’re a flabociraptor like myself you’ve got to give your working parts plenty of time to adjust.

An adjusting they are. I’ve had a more or less steady parade of aches and pains, but nothing serious. They come and go, whether I run or walk, or whatever. The regular, stated-on-the-bottle dose of aspirin takes care of them, so they can’t be too serious.

Anyway, I started the week running for a total of 4.5 minutes on a 1.88 mile route, with 105 seconds of walking in between 30 second running bursts. I have four workouts per week, with Sunday being the “big” one – it’s pretty much a direct ripoff of the plan from the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, but tailored to mix running & walking. Each week I up the total amount of running time and alter the ratio of running to walking. The first week has gone well, but the real test will come on Wednesday – when the second week starts.

Because anything worth doing is worth a new gadget or two, I picked up two of them. First was a Timex 100-lap Triathlon watch. This is one of the few models that has a programmable interval timer, to do the 105 & 30 second periods. It was about $30. It might seem silly, but running while looking at a second hand is really no fun. You might even call it dangerous, and given the copious amounts of canine fertilizer freely distributed where I run, I need my eyes on the road.

The second was a heart rate monitor, for no specific reason other than it’s another metric to record in Steve’s Obssesive Chart of Progress. Or actually several metrics because there is minimum heart rate, maximum, average, along with time “in zone”, calories burned, and other cool things. It is the Timex 30-lap heart rate monitor, but since Timex has so many frigging products and variations, it’s much safer to call it the 5c401 hear rate monitor. There are lots of places it can be bought at a pretty hefty discount – I got mine at, through Amazon. Pretty neat. I’ve always wanted one, but they were always either too expensive, or two primitive – I mean, it’s gotta be a watch, too, right? This on is one of the cheapest, but has lots of features.

So far so good!

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