I’m still crazy…

I finally decided to post my marathon goal, which you’ll find below. Like I wrote in that post, I actually wrote the post some time ago, but hesitated to post it – sometimes I take myself, and this blog a little to seriously. After a little reflection, I decided to post it. The worst that could happen is that one of my 6 loyal readers will give me a ribbing if I don’t succeed 😎

Something else that got me thinking is seeing Bren’s Bravery, which he talks about here and while I’m not quite ready (in guts or technical talent or free time) to make a “joglog” like Bren and others, I think it’s a pretty neat idea.

So where am I? Still not running continuously – one has to start slowly – although I have missed only one workout, that when my daughter was born. She’s perfect, by the way 😉 I am up to 6 minute’s running out of a 30-minute workout, and that’s not straining me too much.

I sat down and worked out a plan to get me to 3 miles solid running by 6/15/2005. I think the schedule is a bit tight, and to be honest looking at it makes me a little nervous. But we’re talking about running, for Pete’s sake, not studying for the medical boards. One day at a time.

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