Mistargeted Marketing

As you’re read here before, I’m a fan of Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, which I use with my digital voice recorder. I got the software when I bought the recorder a while back, and since then the folks at Scansoft have come out with a new version of software, Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.

I know this because they have sent me an email every week for the past month or so offering me a fantastic upgrade deal. Well, sort of. The deal is for the “Standard” version of the software, and they’re offering it for 50% off. This would be very tempting except that to use a digital voice recorder, I have have to have the “Preferred” version of the software. No deal there, except a paltry 25% off as the standard upgrade offer on their site.

What has me puzzled is why they’re sending me an offer for a software package I have no reason to buy, when they presumably have the info they need to make me an offer I can’t refuse. I don’t even have any reason to forward the message, because I intend to recommend what I have – a software and recorder bundle – not what I don’t have. I would hope they would know which version I have, because the only way they know who I am is from registering the software. I guess they decided to ignore that information.

This is disappointing because they could have had a very easy sale – which I let them know by return email – offer me the preferred version at the same discount as the standard and I’ll take it today.

So close, yet so far away.

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