Changing table progress – part 8

I decided to take a day off and get some work done on the two woodworking projects I’m trying to get finished for our soon-to-be here daughter. The weather turned out to be pretty cold, so I didn’t even feel guilty being indoors. Below is a shot of one of the two end frames being glued up. I picked up some new Bessey K-body clamps because I didn’t have any long enough to do the final glue up. They’re pretty nice, but heavy, and also a bit prone to jamming. Most of my other clamps are their Tradesman bar clamps, which are great all around clamps. My wife always rolls her eyes when I talk about clamps, but you can never have enough of them.


I got as far as getting the two end frames together, along with the top pieces – the photo doesn’t show it very well, but there is a cherry piece under the top cap. It looks pretty nice, although when my wife came down the first thing she said was “It’s huge!” She’s right – it is pretty big. I had originally designed it to fit dimensions of a changing table we found at Target, but then decided to add an inch here, and inch there, and, well, those inches add up pretty quickly! The good news is that the baby will never fall out of it – she’ll die of thirst long before she’ll be able to crawl to the edge to fall. Seriously, it’s not quite that big, but there will be plenty of room.


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