Crib Construction Part 6

While my wife was very productive on the nursery this weekend, I got a lot done on the changing table as well.

Of course, not without a little misery. I seem to have a very hard time keeping the augers used in hollow-chisel mortisers in one piece:

Misc-3-13-2005 017

I broke not one, but two of these guys today. The good news is that I found a store that sells just the augers, so I don’t have to buy the whole chisel-auger set anymore. I did end up getting a new chisel (to ensure the augers would fit), which was the “top of the line” from Delta. It does work better than the last two I got.

I think I’ve finally learned that I was just going to quickly. Since I’ve slowed down, I haven’t had any more broken bits. I hope it stays that way, or I’m going to have to start budgeting augers into every project I do.

After the auger fiasco, I got some more pieces milled to size. Then I had  lot of rounding of corners to do. There’s no way to do it on thin pieces like the slats without a router table, and while I had been planning to buy a nice router table, I just snapped and built one instead:

Misc-3-13-2005 020

 It’s pretty rickety, but it got the job done and didn’t cost anything but materials I had laying around. I used pocket screws on MDF, which no doubt will have the folks at Kreg wincing a bit – I didn’t even bother with glue. I figure I can make a nice one later. The duct tape worked fairly well getting the chips to go to the vacuum hose. You know, that nice maple bench the router table is sitting on was perfectly clean earlier in the day – seriously!

Anyway, just a little more work, and I can apply the finish and glue it together. Then it will start to look like something instead of a pile of sticks.

Misc-3-13-2005 021

Misc-3-13-2005 022


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