Building a crib, part 2

In my last post on the baby crib project, I mentioned there would be pictures to follow. So, where are they? Well, as you can imagine, my pregnant wife isn’t that thrilled to stand around in our dusty, noisy basement with a camera waiting for me to look cool. But I think I now have things set up so I don’t have to bug her too much, but not in time to capture what I did last night.

Anyway, I’ve got most of the pieces aside from the slats cut to rough dimensions, and they’re sitting in the shop waiting for the hardware kit to show up. There’s no point in cutting joinery and other pieces to length until I confirm the dimensions of the metal parts I need to fit in, or things might not fit.

Just to make sure I didn’t get too lazy, my wife suggested I consider building a changing table to match the crib. It turns out that I had over-bought on the wood for the crib, and actually had enough to get started on the changing table as well. Since there’s no metal frame to fit into the assembly, I’ve gotten further than on the crib- I actually cut a few mortises for the legs. Overall, though, the evening was spent going between jointer, tablesaw and planer.

So with some luck, I hope to something to show after tonight.

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