Several years ago my father began writing poetry. It was something my mother was very involved in, and after her death he picked up the torch. I’ve always thought my dad would be a natural blogger, and after some mild persuasion, Dad’s agreed to give it a try.

I feel obligated to warn people a bit: A long time ago, during the Carter administration, I recall my father suggesting that the best way to get the hostages out of Iran was to start bombing the opposite side of the country with “small nukes” and gradually work toward the area where the hostages were kept.

Over the years his viewpoint has mellowed substantially. Later my father began his trip from the right to the left, and Hillary, Al’s Franken & Gore, and others waved as he sped by. I think he’s making up for his earlier conservative years, he thinks my memory is flawed. 😎

So, if you are a left-leaning sort of person, you’ll probably really enjoy it. If not, you’ll probably still enjoy the writing, if not always the message. Politry is blog filled with what he calls “petty poems”, mostly about politics, and mostly by Ken Duncan.

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