Things are getting almost homey – more Living with Linux

I was checking my email this morning, and I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I went into Windows, or why. I figure it must have been last weekend, but I honestly don’t know. Things on my laptop are getting almost homey, and I haven’t had any need to leave Linux so far.

Yesterday I decided it was time to sync my Palm to Linux. I wasn’t very optimistic, and I expected that while the software would be there it would be buggy or very tricky to install. I’m delighted to report that it worked the first time â?? almost perfectly. I’m talking about Kpilot, although there’s also Kitchensync and Unison â?? all three came with SuSE. Near the end of each sync, I get a window saying it crashed, but the program behaves normally. My data’s where it’s supposed to be, so I haven’t done anything about it yet. The really nice part was that the window that came up to tell me something was wrong contained a complete explanation, along with recommended action, as well as some data to send the author to help with a fix. That beats the snot out of â??Sync error â?? conduit failedâ??

I also got XAMPP set up so that I can do some layout development for this site, without working on the live version. XAMPP is what they used to call LAMPP, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It’s this all-in-one web server package that makes all those tools available in a quick single installation. It’s not meant to run a real site, just for development, but it has everything I need for WordPress. I’ve used it on Windows, and I’ve been looking to get it working on Linux. It’s nicer on Linux because on Windows you have to live with an open Command Tool window while it’s running, where on Linux it’s just another process running in the background. I hate anything that takes up screen real estate unnecessarily.

I’m using version 1.5 of WordPress, which has a built in editor for the templates and style sheet. It’s pretty primitive as editors go, but it’s very convenient. So I can edit the template in one browser window, and refresh the site in another. I’m sure more experienced bloggers are yawning, but I think it’s pretty cool. Of course, I have a lot to learn about CSS and whatnot, but that will come in time.

I write my posts in OpenOffice, and post them by cutting and pasting â?? I haven’t gotten around to finding a blogging client yet.

It still haven’t figured out the jumping cursor problem. I’ve checked my mouse config to see if the same device is referenced more than once. I’ve updated everything. Still, it jumps. However, I believe it jumps a lot less when my regular mouse is not plugged in.

Now for the odd part. Some things are so much faster on Linux it has me wondering about Microsoft conspiracies. Usenet is extremely speedy. Web downloads are often blazing. But some things are really, really slow and I’m not sure why. DNS lookups are really slow. I might have munged something other day when I was looking at setting up a local caching DNS server, but I don’t think so. It took 15 minutes to transfer about 1mb via FTP using Konqueror â?? it kept starting and stopping. I was actually downloading the files for this site, and I know the server is pretty responsive. Like I said, odd.

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