Windows vs Linux, Explorer vs Firefox – Interesting stats.

I know these statistics can be a little unstable, but I was looking through my web stats and found something interesting. For OS’s, the breakdown between them is like this: (I apologize for the sloppy formatting)

Linux 4651 43.9 %
Windows 4421 41.7 %
Unknown 1175 11.1 %
Macintosh 293 2.7 %
FreeBSD 20 0.1 %
Sun Solaris 6 0 %
Unknown Unix system 4 0 %
GNU 3 0 %
Symbian OS 2 0 %
CPM 2 0 % Amazing!
Others 5 0 %

Linux was #2 before my post on living with Linux was carried by Linux Today. I used to use CPM way back when I owned an Actrix (aka Access Matrix) computer, and I can’t say I miss it.

But when it comes to browsers, the break down is a little different…

Firefox 5454 51.5 %
MS Internet Explorer 1374 12.9 %

It would seem that Firefox is gaining solid ground on Windows, although the numbers are probably a bit skewed demographically. Still, it was interesting to see.

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