Ain’t seen you in a Linux boot!

“Ain’t seen you in a Linux boot!”

Somewhere between “it’s been a while” and “a coon’s age”.

Seriously, it takes a very long time to boot this version of Linux. So far I have not been able to get suspend working. It suspends just fine, I just don’t know how to get it going again without a reboot.

I’m starting to think that Linux is suffering from the same “code bloat” that seems to afflict all software projects. Otherwise, so far so good:

  • I still haven’t found a way to pull my RSS feeds from the windows version of Thunderbird to the Linux version…not really looking to retype all that stuff. I suppose it’s time to find a dedicated reader that supports OPML, but I’d like one that’s available for both platforms.
  • While typing, my cursor seems to frequently jump up several lines unexpectedly. I believe this is a feature of X-windows, left over from the days when the VI editor was king, and users loved comands like “move up one line, back two words” with a single keystroke. I’ll have to go find out how to shut it off, now that I’m a mouse-monkey.
  • I like real estate on my computer screen. I cannot make the fonts small enough, or have enough resolution. I rather like the way Linux tends to use smallish fonts for things as the default. It allows for more info in less space.
  • My Sandisk Cruzer USB flash drive is recognized, and opens a file manager window. Cool! Of course, I’ve encrypted most of the drive with TrueCrypt, which isn’t supported under Linux. I’ll have to find some cross platform encryption.
  • My touch pad is acting very strange – it’s basically unusable.

I’m still using it as my primary system, although lately that means a little writing here, a little surfing, and a little email so it’s not an exhaustive test.

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