The Ultimate Palm Blogging Client Idea #1

How about this as a feature to add to a PBC (Palm Blogging Client): You select some text no matter what you’re doing in your Palm, and it’s a blog post saved in your blogging client. So, If you’re Jeff Kirvin and you want to use a word processor to write posts, you can write your post in Docs 6 or whatever, select the text, and off it goes to your client for posting.

Likewise, if you have a memo pad entry that was sync’d down from the PC, you could easily grab that and post it to. Same with links and pages from Webpro and Blazer, and stuff from Snappermail and others.

After all, much of blogging is about distributing the little tidbits we find here and there, that usually have a short shelf life. These kinds of posts should be quick & easy.

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