More on Palm blogging clients

A while back I wrote a post about blogging clients for Palm devices. Since then, I’ve had a chance to use those three tools and learn a bit more. Below you will find a comparison chart of the Palm blogging clients I’m looking at. I put in the features I thought were important, but if you are interested in others, please let me know. And, of course, if there’s a palm bloggin client I’ve not listed here, please let me know about it!

So far, I like Vagablogger for it’s ability to post a draft – which is nice when I want to capture an idea, and get it on the site so I can edit it further. But, mo:Blog is probably better for truly Palm-based blogging as you can keep multiple posts on the Palm, and can also have multiple accounts. Hblogger is alone in the ability to store past posts, but it doesn’t yet support subject lines, although they say they will be adding features in the coming months.

I haven’t had any use for the image uploading capabilities yet, so they remain untested.

One last note: With regard to the blog compatibility, I’m using the statements by the authors. In reality, all will post to my WordPress blog.


Vagablog Hblogger mo:Blog
Multiple accounts No Yes Yes
Multiple posts in progress No Yes Yes
Post signature No Yes Yes
Post Subject Yes No Yes
Edit timestamp of saved posts No No No
Post date posts No No No
Specify category in post Yes No No
Specify category in account No Yes Yes
Save posts without sending No Yes Yes
Save sent posts No Yes No
Upload images No Yes Yes
View image directory No No No
Send without publishing Yes No No
link Yes Yes Yes
bold Yes Yes Yes
italic Yes Yes Yes
ordered list No No No
unordered list No No No
emph Yes No No
br No No Yes
underline Yes Yes Yes
p No Yes No
One click for both start and end tags No Yes Yes
One click each for start and end tags Yes No No
Compatible weblogs
Blogger Yes Yes Yes
Live Journal No Yes Yes
Movable Type Yes Yes Yes
Ujournal No Yes No
DeadJournal No Yes No
Blurty No Yes No
NeedlessPanic No Yes No
Plogs No Yes No
Caleida No Yes No
GreatestJournal No Yes No
TypePad Yes Yes Yes
Weblogs No Yes No
WordPress Yes No Yes
metaWeblog Yes No No
JournalSpace No No Yes
B2 No No Yes

2 thoughts on “More on Palm blogging clients

  1. I recall that I did have that problem, and as I remember I had to make sure that I had the path and file name correct. In particular, make sure you have the .php on the end of xmlrpc – the actual file name is xmlrpc.php

    I hope this helps!


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